CHRONOS-MEDIA GmbH was founded in 2001 by Konstantin von zur Mühlen. Since then we tell history in many ways. The main focus areas of the work we do at the famous Babelsberger Park Studios consist the production of historical film documentaries and the distribution of historical film material.

We supply moving pictures and film licences to customers worldwide in the film, television and cultural production sectors. Our film material is used in documentaries, series, TV and cinema films in all continents. However, we also convey history directly to our customers with our own home entertainment and educational productions.

What distinguishes our work is the fact that we can exploit the entire inventory of our film library, which is one of the largest of its kind, for every production. Millions of metres of film material and a steadily growing inventory of films with innumerable details pertaining to German and European history allow us to adhere to the highest of standards in our work: we aim to make historical constellations and interrelationships comprehensible and explainable.


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Our history

Tracking the trail of history: Chronos-Film GmbH (1961 – 2000): Chronos-Film GmbH was founded in 1961 by Bengt von zur Mühlen. The company’s first production – the documentary called “Test for the West” by Franz Baake – was strongly influenced by the times of the construction of the Berlin Wall.

It was awarded a prize at the Berlin Film Festival and was translated into eighteen languages, thus becoming the first milestone in the success story of Chronos-Film GmbH. Furthermore, the work on “Test for the West” established a tradition of private collection and preservation of the contents of archives in which German life was documented on film by foreign film producers.

Thanks to four decades of dedicated archiving work, the Chronos film library has been able to fill numerous gaps in the documentation of German history.


The Chronos films “Battle for Berlin” and “The Yellow Star” were each nominated for an Oscar in the Documentary Feature category; “Flight and Expulsion” and “The Women of July 20th” were awarded the Golden Camera. Quite a few of the over five hundred Chronos documentaries have received further prizes and awards.

CHRONOS-MEDIA GmbH distributes the Chronos-Film archive and Chronos-Film documentaries.