CHRONOS MEDIA and NIKITA VENTURES cooperate in the distribution of historical documentaries on YouTube

CHRONOS MEDIA, a media company rich in tradition and the largest independent private archive in Germany relies on the Berlin-based startup company NIKITA VENTURES for the exploitation and marketing of its film rights on the world’s leading video platform YouTube.

NIKITA VENTURES is specialized in the digital distribution of content. Owner and CEO Antoine Schmidt-Roy is a pioneer of the German Video-on-Demand market and former CEO of GERMANY’S GOLD, the joint VOD-platform-project of ARD, ZDF and several other German studios.

Since a couple of years Partners in Content-Syndication: Antoine Schmidt-Roy (NIKITA VENTURES) and Konstantin von zur Mühlen (CHRONOS MEDIA) in the Filmarchive Storage of CHRONOS MEDIA.

CHRONOS MEDIA is one of the leading providers of historical footage on German history and owns a large catalog of self-produced documentaries that have been awarded with highest awards, and even – as in the case of the “Yellow Star” – have been nominated for an Oscar.

“In contrast to national broadcasters, the Internet knows no boundaries. Through YouTube as a global platform we literally reach almost every corner of this planet. On chronoshistory, more than half of the views come from outside Germany. For producers this means new options of financing. Our special expertise in the distribution of content across our YouTube multi-channel-network helps our licensors to get the most out of these new options”, says Antoine Schmidt-Roy.

“Our YouTube-channel has won many new subscribers within a few weeks and it is continuing to grow every day. It’s a joy to see our users vividly discuss our productions on YouTube”, says Konstantin von zur Mühlen.

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